Different Writing Styles: Web Content Articles Versus Literature and Creative Fiction

The different styles in writing. Why web content is written different than literature.

While writing several styles, you may find yourself struggling with words sometimes. This is mostly during poetry writing, or during literature efforts.

Yes, novels are written differently than web content. An informative web content article, should not be a poem. This does not mean you cannot put a poem online, but I like to state web publishing of informative articles, that might require some research and leave the poetic online content out for the moment.

A novel or a poem is something you basically read for the style and the words. Especially poems are expressions of word art. Novels might also try to enchant you with their content, but they are read for a different reason than articles.

Why people read articles? They look them up, to find information. A good article should be clear about the information. It should be written in a correct grammar to be clear, but it does not need any stylistic twist.

In contrary, where writers of novels would look for synonyms to entertain their readers, article writers do not mind repeating the keywords a couple of times, since they have to make things clear and have to get their SEO.

These are the plain facts. While a novelist that writes about a cat for example, might refer to it as a "gracious feline creature", not to repeat the word "cat" all the time, a content writer will repeat cat some times in the article.

Why? There are some simple reasons. Content writers might have to apply a minimum of words for their article, they also do not have to make it too long, for otherwise the eyes of the reader might dazzle on the screen and he or she might browse away to another on the subject, that is more to the point and he or she will refer that to friends and this is not good for the income of a content writer.

A novel is not between 400 and 1500 words on average like a web article, but at least 100 000 words in many cases. If you have to read that trough, constantly reading the word "cat", you might start feeling annoyed.

Also a novel is most likely printed on paper and not read online. It does not require SEO keywords that need to be repeated to be picked up be a search engine.

So yes, there is a style difference for a writer that produces literature and for one that bulks the net with his knowledge and some might be both.

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