Wikipedia for Every Subject You Can Think of

A Wiki for every subject that you name, exists. Here are a few of the ones that I found...

Wiki-Something: User-Contributed Dictionaries of Fandom

While surfing the web for reading pleasures I came across a treasure trove of user-edited databases called “wiki” that piqued my curiosity and aroused my interest. Volunteers knowledgeable in the featured subject create and maintain these Wiki pages.

Star Wars

What is a ’swamp worm?’ I was researching a type swamp-dwelling of ‘purple worm’ that used to be offered in pet shops as a fresh water ‘fish’ and came across something called a “swamp worm.” But the wiki-dictionary data proved to be not what I was after, for this “swamp worm” is a creature from the Star Wars franchise in novels. The Star Wars universe is ever-expanding with its active fan-base and novelists writing more stories, fanfic and episodes all the time. I was not really surprised to discover…

…there is a Wiki for that.

(screen-shot by author) Link: Wookiepedia: Star Wars Wiki

And I even love the name! “Wookiepedia!”

Star Trek

Star Trek collectibles

Image by alistairmcmillan via Flickr

Many of the props used on the series and movies are available for sale online, and others can be seen in exhibitions and galleries. “Federation Technology” toured the U.S. with many props from the series and movies, as well as actual tools and devices inspired by the respective devices. Dr. McCoy’s ‘hypospray’ tool was the inspiration for an actual inoculation-delivery devices that uses a mild vacuum/pressure to ‘inject’ medicines without hypodermic needles used on the patient. And let’s not forget the cellular flip-phone. That is clearly and admittedly inspired by classic Star Trek’s communicators. Those plug-into-the-ear pieces used by Uhura and sometimes Mr. Spock from the classic Star Trek series and in the motion pictures are in inception exactly like today’s ‘Bluetooth’ phone devices.

There is a Wiki for that…

(screen-shot by author) Link: Memory Alpha

Star Trek has millions of fans worldwide and the franchise continues to live and grow.


Based on a cartoon, the live-action movies revitalized the franchise. The main story is the same; the hero “Autobots” and the baddies “Decepticons” do battle with each other in search of a device called “All Spark.” Transformers are sentient mechanical beings with the ability to mimic other mechanical objects at will (cars, trucks, planes, etc.) This “All Spark” device (which in the movie at least, was on Earth,) created the robotic race of Transformers has the power to transform any ordinary Earthly machine into living mechanical forms. Possessing it would make the evil Decepticons all-powerful as they could then convert all Earthly machines into their army.

While the films were not critical successes in the box office, the viral marketing of the products such as toys, comic books and spin-off merchandise has been a complete success. A favorite series and subject with kids, I suspect that the “All Spark” was used to achieve this success. Anyway, for data and stats of all things Transformers,

there is a Wiki for that…

(screen-shot by author) Link: Transformers Wiki

The Terminator

As a franchise, the Terminator series are movies and other media dealing with the near-future battles between an artificial intelligence machine network and the human resistance, lead by protagonist John Connor. The main bad-guy entities are mechanical construct cyborgs, specifically known as cyborg Terminators. Arnold Schwarzenegger played the title role in the the first three films. These movies had a particular penchant for fan-expected Arnold-isms such as “I’ll be back,” “Get out” and “Hasta la vista, baby.”

Through four movies and the fourth film is purported to be the first in a new trilogy of Terminator films not to mention the television series “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” it might be safe to say of the franchise ‘It’ll be back.’

And there is a Wiki for that…

(screen-shot by author) Link: Terminator Wiki


One of my favorite ‘fun films’ of 1984, Ghost Busters actor Harold Ramis has allegedly confirmed that a possible third movie is in the early works. The four main characters will possibly make an appearance in the film, but not as major players in the film but perhaps as mentors or advisers to a new cast of ghost-busting parapsychologists-turned spook-exterminators.

And there is a Wiki for that…

Ghostbusters wiki page

(screen-shot by author) Link: Ghost Busters Wiki

For note, while everyone spells the title for this movie “Ghostbusters,” one word, in the first movie it was spelled as two words “Ghost Busters.”

Harry Potter

I have never been a fan of Harry Potter, not the books nor the movies. It just just not appeal to me any more than the “Lord of the Rings” series of books did. Or did not. I loathed the Lord of the Rings novels as a kid. But I cannot fault a franchise such as Harry Potter that has introduced millions of children to the joy of reading for fun. Harry Potter has millions of fans worldwide and every new book that comes out has hundreds of die-hard fans waiting for hours in line-ups outside of major bookstores worldwide. They are all waiting to purchase that coveted new sequel novel and read it before anyone else does and tells what happens and spoils the plot.

There is a Wiki for that…

(screen-shot by author) Link: Harry Potter Wiki

Doctor Who

This program is listed as a Guinness World Record for being the longest running science fiction TV show and it is claimed to be the most successful sci-fi series of all time. The series originally ran from 1963 to 1989, and was known for its effective albeit low budget special effects and its pioneering use of electronic synthed theme music, which the relaunched series still uses. The series was given new life in 2005 with a new actor and vastly updated special effects such as the myriad of alien species, cybernetic creatures, special effects, etc. Still retained are some elements from the old series such as the familiar (but updated) title sequence, music and of course, the same familiar T.A.R.D.I.S. Now has a new and somewhat more believable [sic] interior and master control center (which still breaks down occasionally.)

DOCTOR WHO logo from the TV series (2007)

Image via Wikipedia

All the Doctors of Doctor Who

So far, there have been ten actors whom have portrayed ‘the Doctor.’ The current incarnation played by David Tennant (the 10th Doctor Who) is leaving the series at the end of 2009/early 2010. His next incarnation will be played by a very youthful actor, Matt Smith. He is I believe, the youngest Doctor yet just behind Peter Davison when he portrayed the space and time-traveling Time Lord.

Which ones are your favorite? For me, the Tom Baker incarnation (the 4th Doctor) was by far the best and my all-time favorite, although David Tennant quickly rose to nearly claim the title of my favorite Doctor Who.

all the actors who have played 'Doctor Who'

Image via Wikipedia

My favorite ‘companion’ has to be Sarah Jane Smith (Elizabeth Slaton) whom has made a guest appearance in the last season with David Tennant, and has a current spin-off series of her own called “The Sarah Jane Adventures.” My next most favored companion has to be Donna Noble, played by Catherine Tate whom reprises her role with the Doctor from the 2006 Christmas Special.

And there is a Wiki for that…

Doctor Who wiki page

(screen-shot by author) Link: Doctor Who Wiki

DC Comics

Home to many of the most well-know superhero characters such as Superman, Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Flash, Green Lantern and more. The franchise’s name “DC” is an abbreviation that came from the earlier series “Detective Comics.” This is a popular franchise with a very active and dedicated fan-base.

And there is a Wiki for that…

DC-Comics wiki page

(screen-shot by author) Link: DC Comics Wiki

Mu’ghom-wiki (The Klingon Language-Wiki)

I used to know how to say “Your mother has a smooth forehead” in tlhIngan Hol (the Klingon language, or Klingonese.) This insult is the ultimate affront to the honor of a Klingon and one can expect to be eviscerated upon calling this challenge to any rival. This is a valid, recognized language with grammar and syntax. It is a ‘living language’ that continues to evolve.

Klingon Hamlet comic book

Image via Wikipedia

Fans even attend ‘Klingon camps’ to learn and exchange their knowledge. One can expect to hear some Klingonese spoken at any science fiction convention. -And one has not heard “Hamlet” until spoken in the original Klingonese!

And here is a Wiki for that…

(screen-shot by author) Link: Klingon Language Wiki

Qapla’! (Welcome, Hello or Goodbye. Depends how/when used)


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